Class4 overnight stay in school

Class4 overnight stay in school

“A School Sleepover is the only time you’re expected to fall asleep in class!”


The Class 4 sleepovers are a popular and much awaited activity in the Primary School. The excitement began several days before the weekend of 3rd and 4th February, 2018. The children had started discussing about what they would carry to school, about hanging out with friends, staying up that bit later, midnight feasts, etc.


On D-day, the children walked in through the front gates, lugging along their strolleys and haversacks, with wide smiles and anticipation writ across their faces. However, sleep was the last thing on their minds.


At the start of session 1, the children were divided into 6 groups of 10 kids each and they selected their team leader and a suitable name for the group. The names were innovative and original, like ‘Terrific 10’ and ‘Super-sonic Dudes’. We started with a drama session conducted by our school Speech and Drama teacher Mr. Nick Pillow. The children played several drama games and had a field day acting and performing for the others.


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